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Celebrity Inspired: Recreating Iconic Looks from the Red Carpet

Celebrities often take fashion risks on the red carpet that have us inspired and wishing we could recreate their iconic style. Sure, we may not have access to the same designer dresses, and may lack a glam squad–but that doesn’t mean we can’t channel our inner diva and try out their looks! Whether you are throwing a fancy soirée or just want to add a bit of elegance to your everyday wear, you can learn to recreate some of the iconic looks from past red carpets. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites!

1. Red Carpet Inspiration: Channelling Your Favourite Celebrity

Who better to consult for style advice than celebrities? Let’s take a look at how red carpet favourites are using carpet fashions to lead the way when it comes to dress trends. Start dressing to impress with these fashion-forward looks!

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron slides into red carpet events in a showstopping fashion. She often takes her fashion game up a notch with luxe touches like pearls and luxe feathers. With her sophisticated and edgier style, Charlize always looks glam, chic and stylish, no matter the occasion.

Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore rocks the red carpet with effortless style. Her looks focus on minimalism with the occasional detailing to add more personality – be it embroidery, sequins or velvet. Julianne’s minimalistic approach to fashion is perfect for any woman looking to recreate red carpet style without much fuss.

Rihanna has a dynamic, unique style that’s all her own. She loves to stand out on the red carpet with bold prints, intricate detailing, and daring style combinations. If you’re a woman who’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion, Rihanna’s looks can provide the ultimate inspiration for you to create an eye-catching look.

Channelling Your Favourite Celebrity
If you want to take inspiration from your favourite celebrity’s red carpet looks, there are plenty of ways to recreate their fashion ensembles. The trick is to focus on a few key elements that really make the look pop and stand out. If you love the colour blocking you saw on Charlize Theron, try to recreate it your own way with pieces from your wardrobe. If Julianne Moore’s minimalism inspires you, look for pieces that will help you achieve a simple, polished style. And if Rihanna’s bold looks catch your eye, look for prints and colours that provide a little more drama and a lot of personality.

2. How to Recreate Iconic Red Carpet Looks

Analyze the Look

Analyzing iconic looks is key to understanding and recreating them. If it’s an A-list celebrity such as Taylor Swift, Zendaya, or Priyanka Chopra, really examine the details of their ensembles. Notice the silhouette, embellishments, fabric, color, and accessories. Every red carpet redo needs to start with getting the same details that these stars brought to the look in the first place.

Choose an Accessible Silhouette

When recreating iconic looks, find a silhouette that will work properly for your body type. If the look is an A-line dress or jumpsuit, make sure they fit your frame as close-fitting garments will do more to set off the other elements of the look. For a ball gown, make sure it suits your body type and shape.

Stick to Quality Materials

No matter whether you are recreating a simple or red-carpet-worthy look, pay attention to the quality of the materials. Investing in quality fabrics like satin, velvet, and silk can make a huge difference when it comes to creating a look that looks just like the real thing.

Add Finishing Touches

In some Hollywood looks, all the magic happens in the details. To complete the look, consider the details that made the original look special. Elaborate beading, sequins, or feathers can be overkill for day-to-day wear. Recreate these looks by adding faux jewels, or crisp details like pearl accessories and intricate embroidery.

Keep it Styled

Once you put all the elements together, it’s time to consider how to style the look. To keep it feeling like a red carpet look, make sure that everything you layer over the dress is appropriate for the occasion. A simple shrug or scarf are great options for a rough look. Or, for something more glamorous, go for a sequin bolero.

3. Stunning Accessories to Complete the Look

Every look needs a hint of sparkle! By adding a little extra glamour with a statement accessory, you can create a daringly stylish impression.

  • A boldly patterned scarf can instantly spice up any ensemble and add flair to any look.
  • A stylish hat can inject a sense of sophistication and class into your outfit.
  • Rainy days can be brightened up with a striking umbrella.

To add a bit of drama to a look, incorporate something out of the ordinary. Step outside your comfort zone with chunky jewelry, colorful shoes or a vintage clutch.

For a fun addition, introducing polka dots,graphics or abstract prints can give your look a special touch. Choose a bold pair of earrings or a necklace to make a statement. An interesting scarf or cleverly designed belt can also act to bring together a fashionable combination.

Compliment your look with a unique wristwatch. A luxury timepiece can finish an outfit, give it an air of elegance and complete your overall look.

4. Celebrity Secrets for Eye-catching Red Carpet Outfits

Want to dazzle on the Red Carpet? Get inspired by the fashion know-how of celebrities! Although there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for looking fabulous on the big night, following these tips can get you a few steps closer to an outstanding Red Carpet look.

  • Make sure you know the dress code – If an event has a more ‘casual’ dress code, dress with an exclusive taste. When you’re ready to go out of your comfort zone, your outfit will be a talk of the evening. The same applies for more formal events – without going over the top, keep a classic and elegant aesthetic.
  • Pick eye-catching accessories – Add a layer of dazzle to your look and make it stand out. Choose glamorous earrings, rings or a bold bracelet. If you go for a necklace, make sure it draws attention without appearing too overwhelming.
  • Show off your silhouette – Pick garments that hug your silhouette, emphasis your waist and choose the right fit. Celebrities often prefer silk gowns to highlight their curves and pick long, flowing dresses to make the most of their body proportions.
  • Pump up your make-up – Go for bold but subtle colours and highlight your best features. By sporting make-up in soft, shimmery tones, you can enhance your outfit and create a powerful display. One of the main tricks is to keep your make-up tasteful yet remarkable.
  • Play with contrasting colours – Whether you want to stay neutral or go with a bolder colour palette, contrasting colours always keep the eyes of the viewers interested in your outfit. As a bonus, combining two different colours is also a great way to flaunt your creativity.
  • Don’t forget the footwear – Whenever possible, invest in shoes that match your outfit. Those extra inches of your total look – if they look elegant and chic – will give you the star effect you’re aiming for. Plus, bulky or high heels always give a boost of confidence.

By mastering these essentials, you’ll be part of the inner circle when it comes to glimpses of Red Carpet glam. Remember, keep your style different from the things you’ve seen before and go for a look that speaks of class. Who knows? You may be the envy of the event!

5. Putting the Glamour Back Into Special Occasion Dressing

Dressing up for special occasions can feel daunting and lack any real glamour. Whether you’re going to an engagement party or a wedding, putting the right outfit together can help you shine as bright as the event.

  • Pick a colour palette – almost any colour combinations look elegant when worn on special occasions. Reds and pinks paired with neutrals such as greys, whites and tans look striking, as do navy blues with cream and pale blues. Emerald greens and pastel yellows also make for a beautiful colour pairing.
  • Accessorise – accessories give the outfit the extra detail that pushes it from drab to fab. Scarves, belts and bags can transform any look from basic to spectacular. Neutral jewellery tied in with the colour palette can also be a subtle detail to add to the overall look.
    • Tip: fill any clothing gaps with something extra, like hats and gloves to create an elegant effect.

Choose shoes that bring the glamour. High heels can be uncomfortable, however they can offer a longer looking leg and create an eye-catching effect when worn with a long dress or skirt. Otherwise, low cut court shoes provide just the right amount of glamour to go with a midi dress.

Incorporate a statement item. An item of clothing that stands out from the rest of the outfit can be the piece that ties the look together. Be it a flowy cape or a striking piece of jewellery, make sure to add this statement item in with the rest of the look.

Finally, dress for the occasion. Before heading off to the event, make sure it matches the dress code criteria. Even if it is a party, semi-formal dress is appropriate, making sure not to look too casual or overdressed.

As awards season approaches it’s time to take some inspiration from our favorite stars and give the red carpet a run for its money. We may not have the designer wardrobe, but we can all look a million bucks. So, let’s join the red carpet brigade, clip on our glam and hit the town like a star!



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