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Designer Beyond Fashion: Exploring Labels Expanding into Lifestyle

As fashion trends evolve ever so rapidly, many of the high-end designer labels are looking for new ways to stay relevant in the industry. No longer merely focused solely on the cut of a garment or the way a fabric might drape around a body, design houses have moved beyond just their original fashion focuses and ventured into lifestyle. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top labels that continue to captivate and surprise with their thoughtful moves beyond fashion.

1. Unconstrained by Fashion: Exploring How Designers are Changing the Game

Fashion, long considered an industry of trends, is now being turned on its head as designers look to redefine the way their work is viewed. With an increasing focus on sustainable practices, innovative design, and the exploration of new and undiscovered materials, fashion is no longer simply about following the dictates of the mass market: it’s about design that stands alone.

First and foremost, sustainability has become a driving force in fashion. Practices that were once a luxury are now a necessary concern for ethical designers, as is the need to source non-polluting materials and packaging. Companies like Everlane have led the charge by creating ‘radically transparent’ clothing that can be traced all the way back to the origins of its production. Conscious consumerism has encouraged designers to reconsider how products are made, the materials they use, and the resources they invest. This is quickly becoming the new standard, and it’s up to designers to stay ahead of the curve.

Secondly, innovative design is no longer an afterthought. Technology is allowing brands to explore the possibilities of materials and cuts in ways that weren’t possible before. 3D printing is being used to create dynamic and intricate pieces that are completely unique. Companies are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, experimenting with mixture of different textures, colors, and shapes.

Finally, there’s the exploration of new and undiscovered materials. From holographic fabric to velvet-like pineapple leather, designers are looking for ways to create clothing that’s both eye-catching and sustainable. There’s also an increased focus on eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and hemp, and recycled plastics are being repurposed into everything from flip-flops to jackets. As a result, not only are designers creating more sustainable pieces, they are also creating unique products that stand in contrast to the homogeny of mass-market fashion.

With an emphasis on sustainable practice, innovative design, and finding new materials, fashion is no longer bound to the conventional standards of the past. As a result, the industry is being revolutionized as the boundaries between design and sustainability are slowly being erased.

2. From Clothes to Comfort: Looking at Labels Who Have Diversified

Clothes are becoming increasingly comfortable, as many fashion labels are introducing designs to keep up with this growing trend. Relaxed fits, soft fabrics, and fuss-free silhouettes are now the norm, with many labels revamping their collections to focus on comfort.

Levi’s: This denim powerhouse has recently launched a new ‘Softwear’ collection with its iconic denim fits reimagined in a soft, stretchy material for maximum comfort. Their iconic 501 jeans now come in a relaxed fit, while their trucker jackets sport soft fabrics and stretchy panels.

H&M: H&M has also jumped on board this trend with their new ‘Conscious’ range. All the clothes in this collection are made with organic, sustainable fabrics, in relaxed fits that prioritise comfort.

Uniqlo: This Japanese label has always been a champion of comfort. Clothes from Uniqlo are known for their focus on simplicity and minimalism. From classic cashmere cardigans to feather-light down jackets, Uniqlo has everything you need for fuss-free style.

Athleisure: Not to be left behind, designers and brands are now creating hybrid collections that bring together the worlds of fashion and comfort. This new trend, called ‘athleisure’, has opened up new possibilities for comfortable dressing. Whether you’re into joggers or track jackets, these collections have something for everyone.

No matter what your style is, there’s no denying that comfort is an increasingly important factor to consider when selecting your clothes. Luckily, there are now plenty of labels and apparel collections focused on combining fashion and comfort so you can achieve the perfect look with the perfect fit.

3. Innovation Redefined: Inside the Brands Redefining Lifestyle Luxury

The long-standing hegemony of the traditional luxury-goods market has been brought to its knees recently by a new wave of modern lifestyle-luxury brands. These companies have completely revolutionised our idea of what luxury looks like today, blurring the lines between contemporary style, sustainability, indulgence, and social responsibility.

A standout example is Amouage, a fragrance house that has created an extensive selection of scents which boast both exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary, innovative compositions. At the core of Amouage’s ethos is an emphasis on redefining luxury, creating products which speak to tradition, yet also stand out in the landscape of many modern fragrances today.

Shifting away from the traditional, brands like Brunello Cucinelli are offering a new version of luxury that champions sustainability and communicates the underlying principles to make high-end fashion accessible and enjoyable to more people. Offering cosy cashmere styles, stylishly understated t-shirts, and intricate blazers, the brand is able to create high-end products at a more attainable price point.

Similarly, the contemporary footwear company, Apolis, is transforming the way that luxury can be practised. With its “Advocate and Activate” approach, the brand looks to create an impact on the lives of those living in the global South, improving the standards of living and providing new opportunities. Ultimately, Apolis is trying to create a version of luxury which encourages activism, social consciousness, and conscious consumer practices.

It is brands like these that are shaking up the notion of what it means to be ‘luxury’, offering timeless products with a twist, that often come with the promise of being better for the planet, consumers, and the global South alike. Their innovative approach has changed the face of the traditional luxury-goods market forever, and we can expect an even more exciting future to come.

4. Making it Your Own: Leveraging Designers as the Epicentre of Personal Style

When it comes to fashion, it’s all about representing yourself on your own terms. Designers have become the epicentre of personal style, giving customers the power to take their look and make it their own. Here’s how you can leverage design to create an original look:

  • Research Designers and Styles: Do some research on designers and their signature looks. Get to know the latest trends and looks that will make the most impact on your wardrobe. Consider the kind of style you would like to represent – streetwear, Asian, classic, or bold.
  • Shop and Compare: Shop around for the right designs that can work for multiple occasions. Compare silhouettes, fabrics, and colors to find the perfect combination for you. Don’t be afraid to mix and match designer pieces for a look that’s totally unique.
  • Accessorize and Layer: Use accessories to elevate a basic look. Invest in timeless staples such as a good bag, scarf, or even a watch to make a statement and complete your outfit.
  • Set Your Own Rules: Don’t be afraid to take risks with fashion. Have fun with fashion and set the rules yourself. After all, fashion is a form of self-expression. Find the balance of fashion as a display of confidence and originality and be sure to always remain true to yourself.

Designers have created a platform where customers can create their own statement and make a look their own. With a few simple tips, you can leverage design and curate a style that reflects your personality.

5. Design Without Limits: Breaking Down the Barriers of What it Means to be a Fashion Label

Designing, and at the same time redefining, fashion has become an integral part of mainstream culture. To break down the barriers past fashion labels have instilled, it is important to explore the potential of these new, fluid frameworks of design. To challenge the assumed conventions of a fashion label is to create possibilities for a new kind of fashion.

As the current landscape of fashion evolves, designers can now creatively reinterpret fashion in an open form, without having to adhere to traditional formats.

Take for example the notion of changing concepts and silhouettes throughout a pantsuit; no longer is it necessary to be one-dimensional in creating a standard item. Designers are now encouraged to think outside the box and create unisex pieces, oversized and unconventional shapes, deconstructed tailoring, or plays on texture and fabric.

It is such considerations that force boundaries to be pushed and reinterpreted. Traditional fashion labels had created an understanding of what designers should and should not do. Today, however, these boundaries can be pushed and broken through daring experimentation with fabric, texture and silhouette.

The alternative approaches to design are invaluable to creating a new visual landscape of fashion, whether that be in edgy streetwear or a more cutting edge take on athleisure. This newfound ability to think beyond the limits and pave the way for something new is what makes fashion today so exciting.

Eliminating boundaries and creating without limits could be the new standard for fashion labels.

  • Daring experimentation with fabric, texture and silhouette.
  • Creatively reinterpret fashion in an open form.
  • A new visual landscape of fashion.
  • Unisex pieces, oversized and unconventional shapes.
  • Deconstructed tailoring.
  • Creating a new standard for fashion labels.

We’ve seen that designer labels are continuing to diversify and expand into lifestyle products. Whether it’s Louis Vuitton with its exquisite furniture or Givenchy with its unique home fragrances, luxury labels offer us a unique set of experiences and sensations. As the status of designer fashion continues to evolve, fans and consumers will no doubt be the biggest winners in the race for ultimate lifestyle choice.



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