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Fashion Critics Speak: Unraveling the Hits and Misses of the Season

Fashion trends come and go, but there’s one thing that never changes: the importance of hosting an event that will be remembered season after season. Every fashion season comes with an array of stunning garments and looks that leave us in awe. But, as we all know, there are always highs and lows in every fashion collection. Fortunately, we have the experts – fashion critics who offer their in-depth critique of the hits and misses of every season. They break down the trends and styles of the season, letting us know just what pieces are worth the investment. Let’s listen to what the fashion critics have to say about the latest styles and looks this season.

1. “Fashion Critics Weigh In: Examining the Season’s Triumphs and Faux Pas”

Dress to Impress, So Say the Critics
Just when we thought we had seen all the trends, the hottest fashions of the season still have us agape. From the astonishing ostrich feather cape to the classic cashmere coat, the season looks like a star-studded red-carpet success. Here’s a roundup of the best accolades from the fashion critics:

  • Cashmere Coats: As one of the easily identifiable wins of this season, cashmere coats have gained near-universal approval. From on-trend military styling to oversized teddy bear loungewear, the favourite winter layer has stormed the season with warmth and flair.
  • Striking Capes: A luxe update to the essential winter coat is the cape. Well-tailored in colours ranging from magenta to emerald, the cape features elaborate details from sequins to beading. Critics have declared the style a must-have for winter.
  • Drama Dresses: Taking the showstopping nature up a notch, statement dresses with plunging necklines and dramatic sleeves have caught the eye of well-known fashion reviewers. Whether bold in florals or made of silk, this is a trend that demands attention.
  • Animal Print Accessories: Cheetah print, zebra stripes, crocodile patterns; animal prints have spiced up what would otherwise be a dull season. Critically-acclaimed designer handbags and shoes jaunt combined with an otherwise toned-down wardrobe make for an eye-catching look.

To add contrast to the shining successes of this season, the fashion critics have weighed in on some of the season’s faux pas. From ill-fitting jeans to impractical dress lengths, these are the items that don’t qualify for best dressed:

  • Wide-leg Jeans: Fashion reviewers have declared that some wide-leg jeans have been cut too short from the ankle, making the length inappropriately long in photos. Critics recommend taking the extra few inches to maintain an elegant line.
  • Mini Bags: While petite bags are certainly cute, the mini craze puts practicality on the backburner. For those on the go and running errands, these tiny purses don’t offer enough space for the day-to-day needs of practical fashionistas.
  • Puffy Sleeves: Grand sleeves on shirt or blouses have a tendency to add bulk to one’s shoulders, which is why they’ve earned a place as one of the season’s most notorious fashion fails. Critics recommend choosing simpler shirt styles for a surefire look.

Thus it’s been established: from boldly printed coats to animal-inspired designs, the season’s fashions have something to offer for everyone. The critics have made their assessments and it’s time for the fashionistas of the world to do the same. So, what’s in your wardrobe this winter?

Colored Prints Making a Comeback

The catwalks of Europe’s fashion capitals are buzzing with newness this season, but a beloved trend is quickly claiming the throne. Colorful prints are rising up the style ranks, edging out their monochromatic peers with ease. From bouquets of pink and red florals to busy bird designs, prints are coming with character this time around. And designers are taking advantage of the trend, creating complex layering with patterned fabrics for an updated twist on classic silhouettes.

Menswear on the Rise

All eyes are on menswear this season, as it commands attention with its refined shapes and tailored fits. Streetwear still rules the streets, but more and more houses are bringing suiting and officewear to the catwalk, creating a new breed of designer pieces that can transition from the office to the club in an instant. And with brands like Gucci and Balenciaga leading the way, tailoring looks set to remain a wardrobe staple.

Statement Sleeves & Shoulders

Chunky shoulders with oversized sleeves are having a major moment, as voluminous silhouettes mould to structured shapes. From 80’s inspired puff sleeves making a return at Balmain to contemporary statement shapes, designs are becoming increasingly dramatic as the trend progresses. A testament to its popularity, ribbed cuts and poofy arms are seen all over the high street, with variations including scrunched and pleated fabric of all sizes.

Vintage Favorites Get a Re-Do

Denim is making a comeback in an unexpected way; vintage designs give classic jeans, shirts and denim jackets a comeback this season. Think: straighter cuts and faded hues that make way for contemporary elements. New brocade designs and intricate embroidered details add a luxe touch to these tried and true silhouettes. From patchwork jackets to washed denim jeans, the time-honored materials look better than ever before this season.

Textures & Tactiles

Soft fabrics such as velvet, mohair and terry cloth add a new dimension to classic cuts. From Cosy sweaters and tracksuits to tailored trousers and long skirts, feel-good material takes center stage this season. Dotted velvet, fuzzy mohair and corduroy pieces provide added texture to everything from statement-making coats to modest blazers. So, if you’re looking to add some interest to your wardrobe, pay close attention to the tactile trends hitting the runways.

3. “Making the Cut: Surprising Stylistic Choices That Shine”

Making stylish choices for your fashion look can be difficult. Yet, there are certain seemingly surprising pieces that are essential for creating an impressive appearance. Here are some unexpected and often overlooked looks that will help make you stand out from the crowd – and look great doing it.

  • Rolled up jeans – Instead of wearing jeans that are too long, roll them up at the cuff. This will draw attention to your ankles and create a relaxed, modern look.
  • The perfect boot – Ankle boots are essential to every wardrobe. Picking the right pair can help flatter your style. Look for booties that are a bit higher than the ankle, but not quite knee-high – they’re fashionable and practical.
  • Statement jewelry – While it might be tempting to accessorize your outfit with as much jewelry as possible, less is more. Pick one statement piece, such as a necklace or bracelet, to really draw attention to your outfit.

Layering clothing is another great way to create a smart look. Opt for thin layers such as a thin cardigan or a light jacket. Top it off with a scarf for a fashionable touch. This look is suitable for both men and women and can be dressed up or down as needed.

When it comes to tops, selecting the right style is important. A classic button-up shirt is timeless and will never go out of style. But if you’re looking for something with a touch of boldness, try a printed t-shirt with a unique graphic. This is an easy way to make your look stand out without trying too hard.

For those who prefer a more classic approach, a blazer can be a stylish addition to any wardrobe. Picking the right fit can be tricky – if it’s too loose it can look sloppy, but if it’s too tight it can be uncomfortable. Look for blazers that skim the body for a classic, timeless look.

4. “Stepping Up the Game: Current Fashion Exhibitions Everyone Should See”

The fashion industry is constantly adapting, refining and evolving. While the trends that dominate the red carpets continue to be a huge draw for sartorial fans, fashion exhibitions help to bring the history, subculture and innovation of fashion to life. Here are some of the top fashion exhibitions everyone should see.

1. Chromatic Views by Gianni Versace:

Gianni Versace’s show Chromatic Views kicked off 2019 fashion exhibitions in style. The show was a celebration of Versace’s timeless allure and was filled with vibrant colors and flowing forms. Highlights included famous outfits from Versace’s 1991 rock- with the likes of Elton John, Carla Bruni and Raquel Welch all present for the occasion.-themed fashion show

The fact that these pieces have lasted for nearly three decades is a testament to Versace’s genius and the staying power of his designs. The exhibition also included never-before-seen sketches and garments, a VIP room with luxurious items and installations called “Iconic Versace” – a perfect way to experience what makes Gianni Versace’s work so timelessly special.

2. Gucci Museo:

The Gucci Museo, situated in the brand’s Florentine headquarters, is dedicated to displaying the legacy of style and craftsmanship of the iconic label. It showcases the entire course of the brand’s history, from the beginning in the early 1900s all the way to the contemporary designs of Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.

From memorable garments, fabrics and jewelry to films, videos, photos and more, Gucci Museo brings the past, present and future of the heritage brand together in an informative and entertaining way. Perfect for fashion lovers and fashion historians alike.

3. Tom Ford’s Fashion Present:

The “Tom Ford Fashion Present” came to London’s Saatchi Gallery early this year, showcasing a range of his designs and setting the season’s trends. Visitors enjoyed an exclusive look at Ford’s archive of work, which was accompanied by a stunning soundtrack composed by the designer himself.

The installation put Ford front and center within the fashion realm—bridging the divide between pop culture and high fashion, while also demonstrating the power, sex appeal and timelessness of Ford’s designs. From a glowing installation of sequined cocktail dresses to a vast gallery of vibrant prints and patterns, the exhibition was a one-of-a-kind experience.

4. The Future of Fashion:

The Future of Fashion exhibition, hosted at the London Design Museum, delivered a cutting-edge overview of the apparel and fashion industry. Curated by fashion curator Shonagh Marshall, the exhibition highlights recent developments in the world of fashion and the impacts of technology, sustainability and streetwear culture.

Visitors were able to get up close and personal with forward-thinking fashion startups such as London-based AI app Buffy Me and sustainable yarn-tech innovator Bio-Couture, as well as venture into the world of at-home 3D printing with the Electroloom Fabricator.

The Future of Fashion was a revealing look at the future direction of the fashion industry and just how digital technologies are transforming the way fashion is created and experienced.

5. “Decoding the Critics: The Inside Scoop on What to Wear Now

A World of Trends

It’s easy to be intimidated by the catwalk standards that seem to control what we wear, but the real fashion trends are more accessible than you might think. With some savvy decoding, you can understand what’s in and become a master of your own style.


  • Vivid autumnal shades, like reds, yellows, and browns, are a huge hit this year.
  • For a more vintage look, embrace muted pastels, like blush pink and powder blue.
  • Bright whites create a modern look, sure to make heads turn.


  • This season, the focus is all on comfort. Reach for breathable fabrics like linen, cotton, and jersey.
  • Heading out at night? Make an unforgettable entrance in shimmery fabrics like velvet, silk, and lamé.
  • Structure is also in—try out plaids or other weighty textiles for a confidence-boosting look.

Clothing Pieces

  • Long-line jackets sprinkled with military accents create a look that’s both glamorous and serious.
  • For a sophisticated style, try high waisted trousers or a pleated midi skirt.
  • A classic turtleneck is always fashionable—pick one in a vibrant color for an on-trend twist.


  • A wide-brim sunhat adds a touch of drama to any look.
  • Chain necklaces 70s style will give your look a hint of nostalgia.
  • Bold belts can take an average outfit to the next level.

Keep these trends in mind the next time you’re perusing the racks. You can take inspiration from the runway, but don’t forget to add a unique flair of your own. With a little taste of confidence, blazing your own style is yours for the taking!

The whole of fashion season has been a roller-coaster ride of splendid highs and abysmal lows. Fashion critics have spoken and the fashion world is left with the ultimate decision— to take the critics’ analysis and make sure to only add the hits to their wardrobe. As a parting thought, let’s remember— fashion is about having fun and pushing the limits!



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