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Fashion Events of the Year: Highlights and Notable Moments

​ The fashion world has always⁢ been⁤ a spectacle of the​ world’s⁣ greatest trends, designs and ideas. ‍Every year, fashion events ⁤take place all around the world, attracting people who are passionate about style,‌ beauty, and innovation. As we take a look at all ‍the events that ​have happened thus⁣ far this year, let’s recall the highlights and most⁢ notable moments of the year’s fashion events.

1. Mesmerizing​ Moments at the ‍Year’s​ Most​ Talked-About Fashion⁢ Events

The year’s most ​talked-about fashion events brought their A-game when it came to captivating⁤ and mesmerizing moments. From streetwear time traveling to elaborate costume pieces, fashion shows all ​over the world had the audience riveted.

New⁣ York ​Fashion Week ​brought ⁢the art of storytelling‌ to the runway. Designer Vivienne Hu transported ‍guests ⁢to the 1980s‌ with bold‌ metallic numbers and bright-colored puffy jackets. From Richard Quinn’s beguiling tiger print gowns to Christian Cowan’s laser cut outfits​ brilliantly⁣ modeled in LED lights, there was no⁢ shortage of⁤ memorable moments.

London Fashion Week showcased‍ alluring, artfully-crafted⁢ garments. Richard Malone’s⁢ artisanal ​ruffle dresses were a standout, filled‍ with textures and playfulness.⁤ The fluttery ​layered ⁢pieces‍ were meticulously embellished with​ intricate details on their sheer and metallic fabrics, while vivid colors and delicate draping had the audience transfixed.

Paris Fashion Week ​ decked the ⁢stage with dramatic couture pieces.‍ Anything-but-plain white outfits transformed ⁤into sparkling endless galaxies under ‍laser lights at designer ⁣Alexandre Vauthier’s show. Long white feather capes and ⁢abundant amounts⁣ of sheer fabrics‍ gave off an ethereal air. Maison‍ Margiela’s ‘Artisanal’ presentation was captivating. Models with distorted ​faces wore extravagant ⁤masks and ​accessories, mirroring the designer’s creative flair.

Milan Fashion Week enchanted the crowd‍ with bold and daring shows, starting with ​Gucci’s slapstick-themed collection. Models wore playful‌ cartoon scenes on their‌ garments, ​with elaborate graphic prints, hats, and⁢ tights.‍ Versace lived up to its reputation ‍of⁤ bold designs, with ‍an array of striking colors ⁤and glimmering fabrics‌ setting the⁣ tone. ‍Moschino debuted⁢ an⁣ unmissable collection with models that sashayed around in‌ black and white-striped‍ pieces with campy cartoon finishes.

From theatrical costumes ​to⁤ eclectic streetwear, the year’s⁢ fashion events didn’t disappoint in providing mesmerizing and captivating‍ moments. These fashion shows are sure ⁤to be remembered for seasons‍ to come.

2. Fashion Show Highlights that Lit up the Runways

From vibrant colours to ⁢striking ⁣silhouettes, fashion show highlights lit up ‌the runways this season with a ‌host of mesmerising designs. Let’s take a look at some of the show-stopping trends that will help define the industry⁤ in‌ the coming months.

  • Kick Flare Jeans: ​ Kick flare jeans⁢ dominated⁢ the⁤ runways ⁢this ​season, boasting wide legs and a striking silhouette. ‍From baggy styles to tight fits, ‍this trend was⁢ seen in modern ‍classic, distressed and vintage styles.
  • Shimmer and Shine: Taking ‌inspo from‍ the disco⁢ era, shimmer and‌ shine were extremely prominent. Keys ⁣looks included​ sequin embellished dresses, metallic trousers, and all-over shimmering ⁣fabric.
  • Neon Brights: Neon hues were all the rage this season. From lime green to⁤ bright pink,⁤ designers used eye-catching colourways to bring their designs to the forefront.
  • Oversized Everything: Deconstructed looks, oversized knits and​ relaxed ​suits filled ​the runways. Cropped styles were everywhere, paired with oversized‌ jackets and oversized blouses.
  • Hot‌ Weather Wear: Summer-ready dresses, shorts‍ and‍ swimwear are in.​ Bold ‍bikinis in ⁣unexpected prints, halterneck styles, and ⁤high-waisted shorts were key looks.

Another exciting show highlight ⁤is the newly emerged trend of sustainability and ethical fashion.‌ With ‍more ⁤and more designers taking‌ up sustainable practices, this is a movement that looks set to sweep the⁤ fashion‍ & beauty industry.

Finally,⁢ the emerging street style trend promises to bring​ a fresh wave of designs ​to the industry. From colour blocking to‌ bold slogans, ⁣these⁣ looks promise to make an impact this season.

The fashion⁢ show highlights this season were an‍ exciting insight ⁤into the new ⁤wave of ‌trends set to‍ make waves in the industry. Whether it’s a vintage kick flare jeans look, ⁢a neon‍ coloured outfit, or a street style statement, these showstoppers will inspire the ⁢style-savvy ⁤among us.

3. Spectacular Style Highlights ‌of the Year

Fashion ‌this ⁢year was dominated by bright and ⁢bold⁤ statement pieces. From metallic eye makeup and checkered prints ​to ​wild animal motifs, 2019 gave ⁢us a ton of looks that will definitely last through the end of the year. Let’s take a look at a few of the most spectacular style highlights this year.

    Animal Prints

  • Animal prints like leopard skin, snakeskin,⁤ and zebra⁢ print made an⁤ impressive comeback this ​year. From catwalk to street, animal prints have found its ⁣way into a variety of⁢ looks.
  • Neon

  • After taking last year off, neon colors made an unexpected return to the runways. ‌From sequined‍ jumpsuits to skirt suits, fashionistas were not afraid to add a bit of‍ the glowing go-getter’s‍ signature to​ their⁤ wardrobe. ⁢
  • Mosaic Prints

  • Mosaic came back this year in ‍a big way. Bright and fun prints ‍that are always a great eye-catching staple. Whether its⁤ a dress, a ‌shirt,​ or a⁣ skirt – mosaic prints made ​it ⁤into high fashion this year.
  • Checkered Patterns

  • From black and white classic to ⁤color-blocked options, ⁢checkered prints were everywhere‌ this ⁢year. ‌From tops and skirts to pants and accessories, checkered added a⁤ touch of preppy​ style to ⁣any look.
  • Metal Accents

  • Metallic hues and accents ‌paired perfectly with ‌natural makeup to create a⁤ bold statement. Whether it is jewelry, eye shadow, or shoes ‍– a ​touch of metal made the perfect⁤ accessory⁤ to add to any outfit.

It was⁢ truly a spectacular year of fashion,⁤ with a variety of bold looks providing plenty of options ⁢to choose from. We definitely can’t wait to see what⁤ stylistic innovations 2020 brings.‌ Until then, we’ll just have to ⁢carry ‌on with the‍ amazing fashion⁢ statements of 2019!

4. Notable Collaborations on the Catwalks

Paris⁢ Fashion Week is arguably one of​ the ‍most ⁢important fashion events of the⁢ year. It brings ⁣together‍ the world’s‌ top fashion ‌designers, international influencers, boutique owners, and‍ of course, fashionable cats. Some of the most⁣ iconic collaborations featured on the runway this year⁤ were absolutely ⁢pawsome! ⁣

Ninja Cat x Chloe
The first ‍big ⁣collaboration ⁢of the season was Ninja Cat’s partnership with the ⁣iconic French label Chloe. Characterised⁤ by bold Japanese-inspired prints, the collection featured ⁣stylish maxi dresses and edgy street-style looks.

Hairless⁤ Cat x ​Dior
Hairless ‍Cat was ​featured‍ in Dior’s 2019 couture show and ‌made ​quite​ a statement with their collection of skin-tight‍ jumpsuits, tailored blazers, ⁤fluffy ‍hats, and ​sky-high cuffed boots. The collection was a hit on the runway‌ and ‌quickly became a worldwide‌ sensation.

Grayson Cat x Marc Jacobs
The American designer ⁣Marc⁢ Jacobs ‌collaborated with Grayson Cat to create⁣ a unique and ultra-chic collection featuring urban-vintage ⁣silhouettes, sleek fabrics, and fun ⁤prints. Layering was​ a⁤ key element ‌of the⁤ collection ⁤as were voluminous​ skirts​ and ⁤delicate⁢ ruffles.

Tuxedo ​Cat ⁣x Valentino
Tuxedo Cat ⁣paired up with the ‍Italian fashion house Valentino ​to​ create a collection of elaborate evening gowns ‌and statement-making‍ separates. ⁤Tuxedo ⁤Cat’s ‍signature colour palette of ‍whites, black and ​red was seen throughout the show and the pieces were accented⁣ by shimmering sequins and delicate lace detailing.

Siamese⁢ Cat x⁢ Gucci
The ‌final⁣ standout collaboration of the season was between Siamese Cat and ​Gucci. The collection​ was heavily‍ inspired by Queer culture‍ and‌ featured athleisure looks with an⁢ injection of vibrancy and‌ fun. The silhouette was⁢ boxy and oversized ⁣and the look was completed with vibrant colours and embellishments.

These were some of the notable collaborations featured on ⁣the runway this ‍season. From bold prints to chic⁤ silhouettes,⁢ there ‌was something ‍to suit every kitty’s style.

5. Iconic Celebrity Sightings ‌on ⁢the Front⁣ Rows

  • It is no secret that celebrity sightings are a big highlight for fashion shows season after season. The front ⁢row is where these big names have a chance to take part in the pageantry.

Kendall Jenner ‌is already a seasoned pro when it comes to attending shows, boasting a wide array of⁤ chic looks. She‌ has a ‌knack for making the most ‍out ⁢of her appearances, wearing everything from bright puffer⁣ jackets to barely there minidresses to the more memorable runway shows.

Rihanna ‍has made a name ‌for ⁣herself in the ⁤fashion industry, often stealing the spotlight with her head-turning ensembles. ‌Seemingly out of no where, she shows up ​wearing​ the ​most polarizing⁣ and bold of pieces – from barely there sheer skirts and dresses ⁢to ⁢a wide range of vibrant hued overcoats.

Lady‌ Gaga ‌ is also a regular ​fixture on‌ the front⁣ row, ​often turning up with​ the most daring of looks. She is rarely seen without ​something extravagant,⁢ such as high-shine suits with‍ channeled hemlines ⁤or​ vibrant metallic jumpsuits.

Harry Styles ​has also⁢ become a frequent face of the fashion week circus. He is often seen taking part in a range of looks, from luxury streetwear like‍ bright ⁣blazers and oversized sweaters, to sleek black tuxedos ​and⁣ traditional tartan ensembles.

Rita ⁣Ora is another one‌ of the stars who loves‍ to switch up her look‌ for the ⁤show. She often turns⁣ up dressed‍ to⁢ the nines, in ⁣either sharp tailored suits or shimmery sequined numbers. Her style is often synonymous with insouciance ⁢but​ she still manages to bring a certain level of elegance to ⁤her appearances.

Will Smith is another regular on the ‌front ‌row, most recently being seen at⁣ the SS20 Versace show. While most attendees go for more flashy looks, Smith opts for a more understated streetwear⁣ style, opting for subtle colors⁢ and classic ‌silhouettes.

From⁢ the ⁤momentous Met Gala ​to the innovative virtual shows, fashion events of the year⁣ 2020 have certainly been ‌unique and unforgettable. It was an exciting ride and hopefully with a better 2021, there will be more fashion events to look forward to, with the current trends as a guide​ and a ​promising⁤ outlook for fashion.



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