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Fashion Week Trends: The Hottest Looks Spotted on the Runways

We’re officially in ⁢the thick ⁢of fashion season,⁤ and the ⁢excitement surrounding this⁤ year’s⁣ Fashion Week⁣ is‌ palpable! From the latest‌ looks spotted‌ on the runways to standout fashion ⁣statements from ⁣renowned and emerging designers, there’s so much to take‍ in.‍ Get ready to ​explore⁢ the hottest trends ​from the world’s most glorious⁣ catwalks; the ultimate must-have looks ⁤to keep‍ an⁤ eye‌ on ‌come ⁤spring.

Neutrals and Textures

Neutrals ⁣were a hot⁤ favorite at fashion week, ranging from soft tans to bold⁤ blacks. Textures also found a strong presence, whether it ⁤was a fur coat to add drama or a denim jacket⁣ for a subtle‍ contrast.‌ Layering was also ⁣key, with multiple different layers lending‌ the‌ perfect fusion with the neutral palettes.

Wrap ⁢and Drapes

Wrap dresses and drapes also ‌made appearances on ⁣several runways. Bulky accessories⁢ – including oversized hats and‌ bulky bags⁤ – were seen ⁣completing the ensembles of flowy dresses and wraps. Whether it was faux-fur bags or​ floral hats, the​ creativity was limitless.

Statement Coats

From leather coats⁣ to puffer coats to​ overcoats,⁣ braver souls on the runway showed⁤ off various statement coats‌ permeating with edginess. Buttery soft leathers provided the perfect warmth, juxtaposed‍ with fur-trimmed coats. ‌The ​range ‍was ⁣comprehensive,⁢ and we⁤ saw some of​ the best ⁢stylish trends.

False Transparency

Semi-sheer⁢ fabrics were‍ seen in various styles, from shirts‍ to pants and jackets. Whether it was delicate ‍lace or ⁤chic velvet,​ the effect of the ⁣transparency was ⁢multifold.‍ While⁤ hinting ⁢towards ⁤some ‌skin, ⁢it also created an ⁢intriguing ⁣depth to an outfit.

Mixing Patterns

Mixing prints and patterns was ⁣a ⁤trend on the runway that no one could ⁢miss. ‍Florals were mixed ‌with leopard prints, stripes were combined with polka dots, and aztec was married with a simple⁢ block-colored fabric. The clash of prints was a ⁤favorite of all!

2. Statement Styles: The Biggest Looks of‍ the Season

Structured Blazers

The structured blazer is a classic wardrobe staple that has ​been adapted⁢ for 2019 season. ⁤With a​ crisp fit and bold silhouettes, this tailored blazer ‌will‌ give you a professional, ⁢yet ⁣stylish look ideal for​ the office or evening drinks with friends.​ Pair ​this ​classic jacket‍ with shift dresses and ​tailored trousers or simply ⁢with a crisp white buttoned-down shirt and jeans.

Puffy Shoulders ‍and Slouchy Silhouettes

This ​season, 80s⁤ fashion⁤ and silhouettes have⁤ made​ a big comeback. Puffy shoulders,‍ boxy blouses, and‍ big‍ collars are some of the biggest ⁢looks for Winter ⁤of 2019. Team these statement pieces with high waisted‍ trousers and⁤ a touch of sparkle to‍ create a modern, ⁢yet timeless⁣ look.

Over-the-knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots won’t be for everyone but if you have ‍the confidence to take it on, they​ can make any outfit look chic, whether ⁣you are ⁢going for a night on the town⁤ or a sophisticated office look. Wear them‌ with an oversized blouse, ​cigarette‌ pants, and a black clutch for a ​sleek and‍ stylish evening look.

Contrast Accessories

Contrasting accessories‍ are the‍ go-to for making a statement in​ 2019.‌ Step⁣ away from the rules and team your bright accessories with ‍a ⁢muted outfit palette ‌for an⁢ effortless chic look. If ‌you’re not⁣ into brights,‌ try creating⁤ an⁤ white⁤ and⁢ grey ‍ensemble and​ bring in a pop ‌of ⁣navy to bring the look to life. Look to top off the ensemble with ‍a felt-wide⁤ brimmed hat to ⁤give you​ a designer,‌ street style look.

Vinyl and Faux⁣ Leather

Vinyl and faux leather are ⁤doing the rounds this season and you won’t want to miss⁣ out on a piece. Don’t be afraid to ​play with texture and‌ pair a ⁣patent leather skirt with a design ⁢tee ‌and ‌sneakers for ⁢a ​cool, modern ‍take on style.​ To⁢ add an​ extra element, layer a leather‍ jacket or blazer and add a statement belt.

3. What ⁣Are the Experts Wearing This Year?

The Fashion Elite

  • No⁤ matter what trends are‌ popping up or what style crazes are making‌ a comeback, there’s one group that is always ahead of the ⁤pack: the ‍Fashion⁢ Elite. This exclusive group of celebs and designers are always in the know and ready‌ to‌ rock‍ the latest looks. From the latest street⁤ style to the catwalks ‍of ​the world’s top designer shows, the‌ Fashion⁣ Elite are the⁢ go-to ⁣source ​for‌ cutting-edge ​fashion.
  • This year, the Fashion Elite have shown some daring choices, with bright colours, daring cuts, reworked silhouettes and unexpected materials. High-waisted jeans teamed with tight ⁤crop⁤ tops are appearing ⁣on the likes of ‌Gigi Hadid,‌ blazers and mesh shirts have been showing up on⁣ street style ⁣stars like Kendall⁣ Jenner, and​ rock-inspired and vintage-inspired looks have been⁣ spotted on⁢ the⁤ likes⁢ of⁣ Bella⁣ Thorne.

Kicking Off The Year With ⁣Prints & Patterns

  • Now⁤ is definitely the time to start experimenting with prints and patterns. Follow ‍in the footsteps of the Fashion Elite and try out fun⁣ prints in unexpected styles. Tie-dyed pieces are ​all over the high-street and feature ‌heavily in the festival season. Oversized florals are being seen⁢ on‌ the likes of‌ Chiara Ferragni and Alexa Chung. And, for something a little more‌ daring, why⁢ not try animal prints on a maxi skirt ‍or a ⁣statement​ blazer? ‌
  • Of course, you ⁢don’t have ​to stick⁤ to prints. A ‌statement-making plain colour, such as a neon orange dress ⁤or ‌a loud yellow blazer, can really⁤ make⁤ a statement.

Elevating ⁣The Basics

  • If head-to-toe ⁣prints and patterns are​ a bit too risky for ​you, try adding a ​statement piece to an all-black look. This could‍ be in the ⁣form‌ of a‌ bold lip colour, a ⁣shock ⁣of ⁤colour on the eyes, or a⁢ daring shoe. Metallics are still very much a big trend – why not try a pair of metallic stilettos or a silver clutch bag? A ⁤leather‌ jacket is always a great option to add some ‍edge. And ‌if you‌ really want to make ⁣an ‍impact, then⁢ try a statement hat. From bucket hats to⁤ beanies, a good hat can really take ⁣an outfit to the next level.

Textures⁢ & Fabrics Of The Year

  • Texture is ​another thing to consider if ‌you want to keep up ⁤with the Fashion Elite. Leather is ⁢an ‌evergreen fabic ⁢that always looks ⁤chic. Look to leather dresses, skirts ‍and jackets to give​ a luxe look. Silk ‌is also ⁢a classic fabric that has​ been‍ spotted in bright, vivid ​colours.‌ Oversized ​sheer shirts‌ in unexpected colours and‌ patterns are also a great way to stand out. Another trendy fabric is vinyl. Go for⁤ unexpected textures⁤ like crushed velvet, silk and satin.
  • In short, the Fashion Elite are showing us that ‍anything ⁣goes.​ So take​ some inspiration from them,‌ experiment with prints, ⁢fabrics and​ statement pieces – and show everyone⁤ your individual style.

4. From Cali Streetwear to Classic⁤ Chic: Defining‍ Looks of ‌the​ Week

A Handful of Home Bases

These days,⁣ attire changes with the‌ global trendscape almost every other day. To create a ⁢stylish ⁤look that’s truly ⁤you, ⁣home-basing your appearances on⁣ outfits you ‍like and feel ‌comfortable in is ‌always best. Here‌ are a few of​ our personal favorites for this week.

Cali Streetwear

For the modern optimist, pieces that ​summarize the sunny vibes of ​the golden state⁤ are⁤ an⁤ effortless way to​ emulate chill‍ and style. Pair a flirty skort and​ a lacy blouse with a pair of chunky dad sneakers and sporty sunnies. Accessorize with minimal yet edgy pieces such as a studded‍ belt ‍for ​an overall‍ look ​that’s ‍modern ‍and easy-going.

  • Skort
  • Lacy Top
  • Sneakers
  • Sunglasses
  • Studded‍ Belt

The⁤ Boss⁤ Lady

To designate a‌ formal and ​sophisticated presence, dressing is power. Emulate the executive look‍ with ‌a tailored blazer, ‌sleek trousers, peeptoe heels, and a box⁤ clutch. Accessorize with ⁢classic jewelry such ‌as ⁢gold plated ‍earrings ⁣and a bracelet to channel⁢ an ⁤air of ‌glamour ⁢and ⁢authority.⁢

  • Tailored Blazer
  • Sleek Trousers
  • Peeptoe Heels
  • Box Clutch
  • Gold Plated Earings
  • Bracelet

The Bohemian

Nothing beats an‌ intricately​ put together outfit that celebrates style and culture. Bring to​ life‍ a bohemian ⁢look with colors ⁣and​ prints that command attention⁣ and reflect your individual​ character. Floral embroidered palazzos,​ a gauzy top, and a structured kimono are as exemplary pieces ‌as denim shorts ‍and a bandana for a​ total gypset vibe.

  • Floral⁣ Embroidered‌ Palazzos
  • Gauzy Top
  • Structured Kimono
  • Denim Shorts
  • Bandana

The Nifty Nautical

Introducing​ a preppy yet daring composition to the wardrobe is essential for a savvy, off-duty ensemble. Redefine⁣ classic-looks with herringbone trousers, a​ collared shirt, ‍sailor ‍Ahoy hat, ⁣and prim two-tone flats.⁣ Finish your ​look with square-frame sunnies​ and a small leather shoulder bag⁤ for a fixed-up sailor outfit of the ‍week.

  • Herringbone Trousers
  • Collared Shirt
  • Sailor Ahoy Hat
  • Two-tone Flats
  • Square-frame Sunglasses
  • Leather Bag

5. Savvy ‍Street​ Style Inspiration‍ From Fashion Week’s Runways

The beauty of fashion has no limits. ⁤ With each of the fashion shows comes a whole new wave of ‍savviness that can inspire any man or woman. Fashion week has ‌made its mark yet again ⁣with ⁢a plethora ‌of⁣ street styles that‌ will be sure to⁢ bring ‌out the ⁤fashionista in everyone.

From bold shoulder padding ⁣to‍ huge arms and statement-making headpieces,‍ there’s something new to be‌ inspired by. Check out these 5‌ fashion ​week ⁢looks ⁣that deserve a special‌ mention:

  • Red ‌and ​Pink⁢ Heavy Shoulder ⁢For ​Women

    Show off your femininity⁤ and boldness through ‌this season’s red ⁢and⁤ pink shoulder emphasis. Wonderfully​ put ⁣together with a stylish dress⁤ or patterned skirt, this is for‍ anyone looking​ to⁣ make a⁢ statement.

  • Metallic Outfits For Men

    Men‌ can ‌now stand out in the crowd with metallic hued ensembles! ‍Whether‌ it’s⁤ a ⁢full blazer ​or⁤ bomber jacket, you can make any ensemble ‍shine.

  • Off-The-Shoulder‍ Number

    The off-the-shoulder ⁣look has been around for a while. However, it remains a favorite going into the ​new season. Make it work for you ‍with midi dresses and a pair of‍ killer strappy sandals.

  • The Sun Hat

    The sun hat made quite an ⁢appearance this‌ season,⁤ in ​the form of ⁤round styles ⁢and boater hats. Spice up your everyday ​look with this accessory as well as layered necklaces.

  • Neon Palette On Blazer

    Add a platform to ‌share ‌your style statement with a neon palette blazer. Whether it’s a‍ bright yellow⁣ with a unique ⁢print, or a striking green wide lapel,⁣ it’s an ​easy way to wear color.

For added flair, add chunky boots and simple tear drop earrings. These ‍looks are​ sure to ‍show‍ off your creativity. All you will need now is a‍ social media⁣ hashtag to show the world your⁢ new​ street style!

As these up-and-coming trends continue‌ to make‌ their way down the ⁣runways⁤ of ⁣this year’s Fashion ⁣Week, it’s clear ​that the industry is headed in ⁤an exciting​ new direction. With the latest​ looks⁢ from the⁣ fashion world now ​available for⁣ inspiration, there’s no telling what the future⁢ of fashion might⁤ bring.



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