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Get Runway-Ready: Fashion Week Makeup Trends to Try at Home

It’s that time of year again — Fashion Week! As the world’s leading fashion designers show off their newest collections, many of us find ourselves feeling inspired by the latest beauty trends. If you’re wondering how to get runway-ready without breaking the bank, you can try recreations of the most popular makeup looks right from the comfort of your own home. Here, we take a look at the top makeup trends to hit the runways so far this season, and provide easy instructions for achieving the look yourself.

1. Runway Ready: What You Need to Know for Fashion Week Makeup

Fashion week makeup is a great way to get creative with your look and stand out from the rest. However, it takes serious skill and planning to get your runway ready.

Before you get started, it’s important to pick out the right products that will fit your overall look. Create a makeup kit with essentials such as:

  • Makeup primers and foundations to even out complexion and correct blemishes.
  • Eyeliner and eyeshadows to create wow-worthy eye looks.
  • Mascaras to volumize and lengthen lashes.
  • Lipsticks for that perfect pout.
  • Chiseled blush to bring out a healthy color.

The overall aim is to have a blank canvas that’s smooth, well hydrated, and free of any imperfections. So, it’s best you follow a strict skincare routine before dabbling in any makeup.

Begin with washing your face with a cleanser. Follow this with a toner, and complete your skincare routine with moisturizers and serums to provide hydration and nourish your skin. Once this is out of the way, you can start with the makeup part.

When you are ready to apply makeup, find a good foundation that serves as a stable base for your look. It’s best to use a primer beforehand to help your makeup last longer. Use concealer on any blemishes and even out your complexion. Then, use a damp makeup sponge to blend in the foundation. This will ensure that everything looks natural and seamless.

Now it’s time to start playing around with your eyes. Create a dramatic smokey eye using different coloured eyeshadows. Then, Gently smudge out the edges with an eyeshadow brush for a smooth transition. Start using your eyeliner to create dramatic winged looks or intense cat eyes. Then, give them an extra impetus with lashings of mascara.

Finally, get that runway-ready look with a statement lip colour. It could be a bold scarlet lip combined with eye liner and mascara, or a shimmery nude lip paired with smoky eyes. Whichever you pick, make sure you complete your look with the perfect chiseled blush and you’re done!

Fashion Week isn’t the only time you can take your look to the next level. Use these tips to elevate any look and become your own runway diva!

Staying Up-to-Date on the Latest Styles

Each season, fashion week gives us a chance to get up close and personal with the best new makeup styles of the season. From barely-there looks to daring hues and unique textures, runway makeup is constantly evolving. So, how can we keep up with all the latest trends and looks?

  • Take Notes from Beauty Bloggers and Social Media
  • Social media can be a great resource for discovering the most recent and up-to-date runway looks. Beauty bloggers usually attend fashion shows and post pictures and videos of the models shortly after each show. This can give you an inside look at the newest makeup looks of the season.

  • Ask Professional Makeup Artists
  • Makeup artists are in the know on the most up-and-coming trends. Don’t be afraid to ask professionals for advice. Many makeup artists follow fashion week shows and have a great feel for what’s next.

  • Do the Research
  • It doesn’t hurt to dive into the deep end and start researching the different trends from fashion week shows. Look out for standout eyemakeup ideas, bold lip colours, striking eyebrow shapes, and beauty trends that have taken the runway by storm. Even the smallest of details can make a look stand out.

  • Explore a Mix of Tones and Textures
  • Fashion week can give an insight to the newest beauty products and techniques, and they can be quite distinct from season to season. Experiment with a range of textures, from unique foils and glitter eyeshadows, to mattes and moisturizing formulas to get the perfect new look.

  • Observe the Celebrity and Street Style
  • Celebcrews and fashion influencers often show up to fashion weeks wearing the trendiest makeups looks of the season. Observing their looks can give a clue to the next big thing. Street style is also a great way to go for something different. Find your own style and nail the look with your signature swag.

Uncovering the latest makeup looks from fashion week can be easy if you know where to look. There are so many great options out there which means there are endless new looks to explore for any occasion. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle look or something more extravagant, it’s all about finding the trends that appeal to you the most.

3. Loose Inspired Lip Look: How to Get an Effortless Catwalk Pout

When it comes to creating that iconic catwalk pout, the loose-inspired lip look has stood the test of time. This effortless style of a bold, outlined lip is the perfect way to make a lasting impression. Not sure what to do? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the perfect pout:

  • Start by prepping your lips with a hydrating lip balm. Take a tissue and dab the applied balm off to create a smooth base.
  • Using a darker color lip liner, draw an outline of your lips without following the exact shape.
  • Fill the center of the lips with a red, vibrant lipstick. Blend it into the lip line in an outward and upward direction to achieve a fuller look.
  • Apply a shimmery highlight onto the center of the lips. This will give you the catwalk-ready pout you’re aiming for.

For an added accent, take a brush with a slightly lighter shade than your lip liner and apply it onto the cupid’s bow. Use the same brush to trace the tip of the lips and you’re all set. If your lipstick is creasing, applying a tiny dot of concealer around your lips can help the edges stay in place.

For the extra glam look, top it off with a lip gloss. Choose a shade with golden flecks to add a subtle sheen. To complete the look, why not apply some highlighter on your cheekbones for an ultra-bold look!

Once you’re done, you’ll have a perfectly pretty, effortless catwalk pout that looks absolutely gorgeous!

4. The Allure of Shadows: Create a Luxe Eye Look with Smudged Eyeshadows

To achieve a luxe eye look with smudged eyeshadows, the right shades and tools matter. Whether you want to pull off a subtle smoky look for a night out or transform your look into something electrifying, the magic of smudged eyeshdows promise to up your glam game like no other.

Tools You Need:

  • Eye Makeup Brushes: Go for soft, fluffy brushes to smoothen the transition of colour.
  • Lashes: Choose fake lashes depending on the look you’re creating.
  • Eye Base: Apply an eye base on lids to make the shadows stick to the skin well.

Smudged eyeshadows, with their versatile hues, enable you to put together multiple colours as needed for the look you’re going for. When shopping for a smudge-proof eyeshadow palette, make sure to give preference to satin, matte and sheen textures. Rich hues like plum, charcoal and deep browns are classic shades for a smoky look as they tend to flatter most eye types. For an informed choice, select shades according to your eye colour.

Whether you’re aiming for an alluring sultry look or something boho-inspired, the allure of shadows works magic in highlighting your eyes. To recreate the beauty of the luxe eye look with smudged eyeshadows at home, consider the following steps:

  1. Apply an eye primer to lids.
  2. Using a flat brush, apply dark eyeshadow to lids and shape your eyes.
  3. Blend the darker colour with the medium hue of the eyeshadow.
  4. On the crease of the eyelid, smudge the medium shade and blend further.
  5. Add the highlighter shade above the crease for a softer effect.
  6. Complete the look with a black liner and coat your lashes with mascara.

For a touch of drama, line your lower lash line with the same dark hue or just smudge it instead. You can also layer the eyeshadows to create an intense look. That’s it! With the right eyeshadows, trust the power of smudged shadows to bring your eye makeup outlook to life.

Fashion Weeks around the world are sure to give us some of the most creative makeup looks to inspire our own work. This season, let’s look back at the most creative makeup trends from Spring/Summer 2020, and find innovative ways to make them our own.

Graphic Eyeliners
Eyeliners saw an imaginative comeback this season, with many designers embracing colorful, creative looks. Rich purples, blues and greens lined the eyes of models strutting down the runways, and gave a unique spin on classic cat-eye shapes. Copy this trend in your own makeup wardrobe with liquid liners in vivid hues, and explore the limits of bold.

Ethereal Highlighting
Dreamy, glowing skin was the name of the game this season. Models shone with the ethereal highlighting of pigmented highlighter, giving an almost-lit-from-within look that combines a hint of sheen and subtle glitter. To achieve this effect, opt for subtle, light-reflecting highlighters, and apply sparingly to cheekbones, bridges of the nose and the cupid’s bow.

Contoured Feathered Brows
Contoured feathered brows were seen on multiple runways this season, a look that combined the best of bold, natural and structured aesthetics. Start by creating the shape of your desired arch and tail with an eyebrow pencil, as opposed to eyebrow gel. Add a light dusting of powder in a shade slightly lighter than your natural brow color to help frame the shape of your brows. You’ll find that this look requires only minimal product, but can make a world of difference to the overall effect of your makeup.

Eye-Flashing Jewel Tones
Jewel tones were the colors of choice for eyeshadow for many fashion houses this season. Stunning emeralds and lapis lazulis lined models’ eyes, giving a graceful and timeless look that works for all occasions. Copy this at home with cream shadows lined with shadows in deep, gem-like shades. Go bold, and blend the shades in for a stunningly beautiful look.

Boldly Glossy Lips
The bold and beautiful look of glossy lips made a major comeback. Nourishing and highlighting the lips, velvet-gloss lipsticks bring a playful twist to long-lasting products. To harness this glossy trend, make sure your lips are adequately prepped and hydrated. A dose of lip balm will guarantee that you have a moisturizing base before you swipe on the color. To get a truly glossy look, apply the balm, lipstick, and a topping of clear gloss in one go. Enjoy a look that’ll stay put and turn heads.

Now that we’ve explored some of the trending makeup looks from past Fashion Weeks, you have some inspiration to take with you on your journey to runway-ready looks. Get creative, try something new and express yourself with your makeup. This Fashion Week, let your look speak for itself.



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