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Mastering the Cat Eye: Winged Eyeliner Tips and Techniques

The mysterious, tantalizing cat eye look has graced the faces of Hollywood’s A-list stars for years, and now it can be yours! Mastering the cat eye can sometimes feel like an art form, but with just a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, it need not be a thing of mystery any longer. Read on to learn how you can bring out the leonine goddess in you with sensual, sultry wings of eyeliner.

1. Beginner’s Guide To Crafting The Perfect Cat Eye Look

Creating a glamorous cat eye look doesn’t have to be rocket science. With a few simple materials and techniques, you can have the perfect cat eye look that will give you the dramatic finish you are looking for.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Eyeliner of your choice
  • Small angled brush
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder

Start with clean, moisturized eye lids. Apply your base concealer and your setting powder so that the eyeliner you apply is less likely to smudge.

Next, draw a line along your upper lash line. Start from the outer corner and sweep the line inward. Make sure to draw the line as close to the lashes as possible. You can use a small angled brush to get a more precise line.

Once you have created a line, you can begin to build up your cat eye. Start from the center of the eye, and draw a slight triangular shape where the line will end, and use a line to connect the outer corner.

Finally, use your eyeliner to create an inner corner line from the lower lash to the outer corner of the eye. This will help give a uniform, finished look to your cat eye. Once you are happy with your look, use a setting powder to ensure your eye look doesn’t smudge.

2. Exploring the Different Winged Eyeliner Styles

Wing liner – a once fashion trend adopted by celebrities, has now become one of the most sought after trends in makeup. While the general principle remains the same – to create a swift swoop of colour across the lash line – the number of looks you can create with this versatile technique is endless.

The classic version involves creating a thin line of colour with a subtle, slightly rounded wing. The most important part of this look is that you aim to avoid the all too familiar “cat-eye” effect that most women try to create with their liquid liners. This is definitely a look worth mastering.

The Curved Wing Liner Look is perfect for a night out. When you want to add a little more glamour and drama to your makeup, use this technique. This requires careful application to make sure your line is even on each side and draw symmetrical wings. Balance is the key factor to this stunning eye makeup.

The Waverline Look is perfect for an effortless, after-hours look. It’s easy to apply, yet looks like you actually spent a little bit of time to achieve the desired effect. The trick here is in how you draw your liner. Make tight, semi-circle shapes that are evenly and evenly spaced for an eye makeup that looks like it was done in minutes.

The Graphic Unibrow Look is a daring option, perfect for a daring night out. It involves extending the liner up and across your brows, creating a strong, graphic finish to your look. Experiment with different widths and shapes until you find a look that best suits you.

  • The Half-Winged Look uses two wings, one on each side of the eye. Instead of creating a traditional wing, you start at the middle of the eye and draw a line inwards that connects up to the end of your lash line. This look is perfect for those wanting something a bit subtler and more conservative.
  • The Edge Liner Look is a daring look that’s perfect for a night out. It consists of a bold, bold line across the edge of the eye that pairs perfectly with heavy wingedliner. This is a style that will definitely make a statement.

No matter what look you are going for, remember: practice makes perfect. Eyeliner techniques always require some practice and tweaking, so don’t be discouraged if your first attempts don’t quite look like what you envisioned. Try out different styles and techniques to find the one that works for you.

3. Essential Tools For Achieving a Professional-Looking Winged Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are essential for achieving a winged look. It allows for a crisp, precise look and allows you to draw on each line without tugging or smudging. While felt tip liners offer a similar result, liquid eyeliners dry quickly while still allowing you time to adjust the shape of the liner. If you’re a beginner, start with a felt tip pen; however, for a more advanced and professional-looking finish liquid liner is the way to go.

Angled Brush

An angled brush is the best tool to easily and effectively draw on the wings of your eyeliner. It gives you more control than a regular brush and its slim, angled shape makes it the perfect tool to create clean lines and angles. An angled brush with a slightly pointed tip allows you to lightly draw on the eyeliner and smudge it to perfection. This is the absolute best tool to achieve a professional-looking winged look.

Makeup Setting Spray

Now that you’ve drawn on the perfect eyeliner, you’ll want to set it so that it lasts all day. A makeup setting spray is just the thing for that! While it may sound complicated, it’s actually very easy and will help ensure that your cat eye stays put. After you’ve finished lining your lids, hold the setting spray around 10 inches away and spray your entire face for a few seconds. Allow a few moments to dry and you’re good to go!

Q-tips and Makeup Remover

Even the most experienced makeup artist needs a few rounds of editing sometimes. This is where Q-tips and remover come in. If you need to fix a mistake or adjust the shape of the liner, all you have to do is dip the Q-tip in the makeup remover and then lightly dab it along the edges of the eyeliner. This will remove the liner without damaging the rest of your makeup, allowing you to start afresh if you need to.

Concealer and Powder

To complete the look, nothing beats the finishing touch of concealer and powder. Concealer can be used to cover up any mistakes or smudges that may have occurred when applying the eyeliner. Paired with a light dusting of translucent powder, you’ll have a smooth, perfect finish that looks just like it came from a professional makeup artist.

4. Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering the Cat Eye Look

It’s a timeless classic – the cat eye. Endlessly elegant and always iconic, this beauty look has been around since the dawn of time (perhaps not that long, but surely it feels like an eternity).

For long, it has been the go-to look for a glamorous night out, special occasions, and for feeling super confident. Achieving a great cat eye is something that takes practice, but not to worry! This easy step-by-step guide will help you become a master of the ultra-stylish cat eye look before you finish reading!

Step by Step Guide

  • Set a good foundation: You’ll want a clean canvas to create your cat eye. Start off with a well prepped face – cleanse your skin, add your favorite light moisturizer and then use a petal-powder or a base-foundation to even out your skin tone. Prime your eyelids and draw a light line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. This helps set your line and keeps everything symmetrical.
  • Line those lashes: Choose an eyeliner that works for you, and come armed with a steady hand. Liquid, gel, or pencil – it’s all up to you and how you like to work. Start at the inner corner of your eye and trace a thin line, extending it further as you reach the middle. Make the line slightly thicker in the middle, and then all the way to the outer corner.
  • Add the wing: If you’re feeling a little brave, add a wing! To do this, start by making a small line that connects the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Then, draw an even slightly longer line that should extend further than the end of your eye. Try and make the angle of the wing gentle. Check in the mirror to make sure everything is nice and symmetrical.
  • Time to fill in: All that’s left to do is fill in and soften the lines. Use a smudging brush, or a cotton bud to buff out the lines. Also go over the separate lines of the wing and the lash line to create one unified look.
  • Finishing touches: To finish it off, add some mascara to the top and bottom lashes. This serves to give you a more glamorous result. You can also use some highlighter to complement the look.

It might take a few tries – but with patience and practice you are sure to nail the cat eye look each and every time! Here’s to you being a feline-eye pro!

5. Finishing Touches For Winging Out Your Eyeliner Look

Once you have winged your eyeliner, you can complete the look with a few finishing touches. Here are five simple ideas that will help you achieve the perfect eyeliner look:

  • Add mascara: Adding a few coats of mascara will help to blend the look of the eyeliner with the rest of your eye makeup. It will also give your eyes more depth and definition.
  • A touch of shimmer: Applying a small amount of shimmery eyeshadow to the centre of your eyelids will give major dimension to the eyes and create a gorgeous, eye-catching look.
  • Highlighting the inner corners: Using a light eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of your eyes will open up the eyes and make them appear larger.
  • Smudge it out: Take a smudge brush and blendcolor into the corners and along the lower lash line to create a softer look.
  • Curl your lashes: Curling your eyelashes before and/or after applying mascara can make your eyes appear wider and brighter.

With these five simple steps, your winged eyeliner look will be complete and you’ll have a stunning eye makeup look that will turn heads! Be sure to practice regularly so that you can become an expert at perfecting your cat-eye look.

Creating the perfect cat eye doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the tips and techniques provided in this article, you can flaunt your wings and show off the confident glam of the perfect cat eye whenever you’re feeling inspired to shine!



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