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Runway Royalty: Examining the Most Influential Fashion Shows

As the worlds of fashion and entertainment collide, one of the greatest showcases of style is the grand stage of the fashion show. These glamorous spectacles feature some of the industry’s most influential figures; anointed as “runway royalty”. From the creative directors, the models, the press, and the worldwide audiences, fashion week is full of allure and abundance. Take a glance at the inner-workings of these legendary shows as we examine the most influential fashion shows.

1. Breaking Down Runway Royalty: An Inside Look at Fashion’s Most Influential Events

Fashion week is an iconic yet exclusive event attended by the most stylish of the stylish, the crème de la crème of royalty in the fashion world. These events are the most noteworthy on the runways and set the trends for seasons and collections to come. Here’s an inside look at the details of these influential events:

Live Shows

Live shows are the epitome of the runway scene and are the most sought after tickets. Models strut the catwalk with the brands’ newest collections, showcasing the latest designs and looks of the season. Celebrities, influencers, and fashion editors make their appearances and wear head-turning pieces to be featured in the next fashion spread.

Behind the Scenes

Not all of the work at the event is done on the runway. Before and after the show there’s a hustle and bustle of designers, models, photographers, and stylists. Last minute looks and touch-ups take place in the dressing rooms while makeup artists and hairstylists scurry about to create the perfect look.

Blending on the Scene

Fashion week isn’t just about the clothes, but about the overall style seen among the attendees. Eye-catching street style looks are embraced and photographed on the day, setting the tone for the upcoming season. Bold prints, layered silhouettes, and unique footwear grace the scene for every show.

The Aftermath

Post-show is an exhilarating and important time for influencers, as it’s when reviews and critique of the looks seen take place. Seasonal trends are discussed and looks are replicated by fans of the looks all across the globe. Runway royalty sets fashion’s tone in a way that only runway royalty can.

2. Captivating Catwalks and Creative Costumes: Analyzing the Impact of the Most Iconic Shows

Fashion week is one of the most globally recognized events in the industry, dedicated to showcasing the latest trends in the world of style. The most iconic fashion shows have been lauded for their captivating catwalks and creative costumes throughout the decades. From Paris and Milan to London and New York, the runways at these esteemed shows have presented memorable fashion memories that have set the tone for future trends.

A Look at the Impact of Iconic Shows

The impact of the most iconic fashion shows of the preceding years can still be felt today. They are responsible for bringing about true change within the industry and continuing to inspire creatives for generations. Let’s take a look at how some of the most renowned shows have left a lasting impact on the industry:

Jean Paul Gaultier: Empowerment Through Clothes

The late designer Jean Paul Gaultier was revolutionary in his approach to fashion, focusing on gender equality and breaking barriers when it comes to norms in clothing. His infamous Art of Fashion collection in 2014 truly incorporated the concept of androgyny as he sent both male and female models down the runway in corset styling and skirts made for men. He showcased his vision of a world in which men and women would no longer be seen as opposites but rather united by the power of clothing.

The Liberated Spirit of Gucci

Under recent creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci has undergone a major transformation, freeing itself from it’s previous rigid designs. The brand’s creative vision, explored in its most iconic shows, seeks to embrace self-expression and liberation in the midst of chaos. Everything from the models to the color used and the garments showcased creates an escape to a magical and surreal universe, inviting the audience to indulge in the thrill of creativity.

La Maison Balmain – The Brand of Daring

La Maison Balmain’s luxury aesthetics have always been renowned. Its most legendary shows, however, truly advocate for the power of daring. Pushing way beyond what the fashion industry deems ‘standard’, the Balmain runway has featured unexpected prints, exciting fabric mixes and unimaginable silhouettes. Balmain was one of the very first in the industry to preach for creativity and innovation – and this still stands true today.

The art of fashion will forever be indebted to the few shows that have dared to push beyond industry standards and do things a little differently. From the inspiring statements of equality and liberation initiated by Jean Paul Gaultier and La Maison Balmain to the liberated spirit of inspirers like Gucci, the most iconic fashion shows have truly revolutionized the industry and will continue to do so for many years to come.

3. Celebrating the Designers Who Set the Tone: Why We Still Celebrate the Fashion Royalty To This Day

Fashion Royalty is an honor driven category accepted today thanks to the many fashion designers who set the tone decades ago. From the mainstream designers of the 50s and 60s to the modern designers of the 21st century, countless fashion icons have demonstrated their commitment and passion for the chic and timeless looks that we’ve grown to recognize.

Ralph Lauren was renowned for introducing a new wrinkle to the world of fashion in the 1960’s and 70’s. From classic suits to preppy polos, the iconic designer had a signature look that was timeless and all his own. His red pony logo also became a staple in the closets of fashion lovers around the world, and can still be seen today.

Calvin Klein is a household name when it comes to fashion and set the stage for modern trends like ripped jeans. He found success in the 1970’s when his minimalistic pieces took off, perfect for a time when more subtlety and sophistication was in demand. Up until now, his clothing lines focus on a sleek simplicity that will still turn heads half a century later.

Donna Karan has been an influential force when it comes to women’s pantsuits, casualwear, and more. She is well known for introducing the concept of comfortable, corporate style in the mid 1980s and her original and timeless pieces ignited a surge in her branded collections that we continue to see in stores today.

Gianni Versace made a name for himself in the late 1980s and was known for his outlandish patterns and luxurious designs. He brought a refreshing, bold flair to the fashion world that was glamorous yet rugged. His patterns and bright colors remain a staple today, decades later.

Giorgio Armani has been one of the most celebrated and successful fashion designers in the modern era, perfecting the art of menswear and casualwear, each piece being crafted with precision. Whether it’s one of his trademark blazers or any of his other creations, it’s easy to see why his clothing lines have been so popular for over thirty years and counting.

Finally, it would be remiss to not mention Tommy Hilfiger. Known for taking timeless American classics and giving them an edge, Tommy Hilfiger was the designer to look up to in the 90s. All-American, preppy and edgy is the signature he’s known for. His clothing lines are specially crafted to outlast the ever-changing trends that always come and go, a reminder that fashion royalty never goes out of style.

4. From Elaborate Sets to Eccentric Models: Recalling the Most Magnificent Moments in Fashion Show History

Throughout the years, there have been some truly extraordinary fashion shows that have left us all inspired and mesmerized. Here’s a closer look at a few of the most magnificent moments in fashion show history.

  • Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows were renowned for their darkness and drama. From the setting evoked to the lightning and ghostly figures, McQueen’s 2001 show in Paris was, undoubtedly, one of the greatest. The show was set in a 14th-century abbey, and each model walked in a black dress and a waxing moon that shined from above.

  • John Galliano

John Galliano has always had a flair for the eccentric and this was particularly evidenced in the 2001 haute couture runway show he put on for Dior. The show featured a giant mud-filled pond in the center of the runway and models dressed in scandalous and fearless couture pieces, that can still be remembered today.

  • Tom Ford for Gucci

Tom Ford’s spring/summer 2003 collection for Gucci was an experience like none other. It quickly became known as the ‘tour de force’ of the fashion world and featured models such as Amber Valletta and Karen Elson jamming to classic Rolling Stones riffs, while wearing iconic and alluring Gucci creations. It was the beginning of a new era.

  • Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs’ spring/summer 2011 show for Louis Vuitton was impossible to forget. Not only was the collection extravagant and fierce, but the show was set in the Grand Palais and featured live clouds, as models walked by a double-decker lounger and a Ferris wheel in the center of the run-way. This was an “Alice in Wonderland” experience like no other.

  • Valentino

Valentino’s spring/summer 2018 couture show was a fairytale-like experience that everyone present had the opportunity to enjoy and take away lasting memories. Not only was the show gracefully staged, but the collection was seamlessly composed as models were dressed in sheer couture gowns, accompanied by ancient Greek-like accessories. This was a magical fashion show for the history books.

5. Showstoppers: How Turning the Runway into the Spotlight Changed the Game Forever

For decades, fashion shows have been the time of the year for the world of haute couture to get together and celebrate the work of talented designers. The debut of showstoppers in the ‘90s changed all that. Suddenly, the vibrant, luxurious runway became the highlight of the show. Models strutting their stuff stopped being enough and were now supplemented by stars in grand outfits that really drew attention.

Showstoppers ushered in a new era in the fashion industry. Powerful stars and celebrities lent their presence and their glamourous costumes to the runway, boosting the energy and putting the spotlight on the couturiers who truly deserved it. From Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell to Zendaya and Gigi Hadid, some of the world’s biggest stars have graced the stages and dazzled the audience with their showstopping presence.

Stunning and eye-catching pieces of art, showstoppers have transformed fashion shows into spectacles like none other. Showstoppers need to be as noteworthy as the collections themselves, as they are crafted not only to outshine the models, but also to captivate the viewers and draw in the maximum attention to the work of the fashion designer. The carefully crafted and ingeniously designed showstoppers serve as the source of inspiration, the showcase of beauty and the final reinforcement of the designer’s ostentatious vision.

In the fashion world, showstoppers have become synonymous with extravagance and grandeur. They set trends and draw the viewers’ attention to the out-of-the-box pieces that become topics of discussion among fashion aficionados and celebrities alike. From fantasy-like gowns to glittering jewel-encrusted dresses, showstoppers are meant to make an indelible mark.

Today, the presence of showstoppers in fashion shows is essential for the whole event to be proclaimed a success. If there’s a single thing that we can learn from showstoppers, it’s that one person can make all the difference and turn a regular runway into a never-before-seen spectacle. Showstoppers truly changed the game forever.

As the Fall Fashion Week season closes the curtains, we are reminded of the powerful influence of the fashion shows that have helped shape our lives, from trends to styling to attitudes and more. We can all agree that the Runway Royalty of this year is one of the greatest and most influential class of shows the world of fashion has ever seen. Let’s all be inspired to keep working to bring our fashion visions and ideas to life.



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