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Street Style Hair and Makeup: Beauty Trends to Complement Your Outfits

Be ⁢daring and creative with your street style hair and makeup. Step‌ away from the traditional beauty looks and ⁤explore a world of edgy‍ and unique beauty trends to pep up your street outfits. Whether it’s choosing the perfect ​bold lipstick⁤ colour to match your outfit or opting for‍ a striking highlighter look, creative street style hair and makeup is the‌ perfect ⁢way to add personality to your look. Read ⁤on for ⁢all the beauty trends⁢ to keep you ahead of the game.

1. Street Style Beauty: Captivating ⁣New Looks

From fashion with a mission to statement-making street chic, we’re ⁤heralding new looks for⁣ the upcoming beauty ⁢season.⁣ Get ⁢inspired with these captivating ‌new ​styles!

  • Timeless Tones: Classic tones are ⁣now more defined, ⁢offering sophisticated depth through blues, chestnuts, ⁢and auburns. Complex and subtle, these shades emanate an air of timeless beauty.
  • Game-Changing Textures: Forget plain hair — dynamic textures are the way to go. Whether you’re⁤ going for a beach-to-city look or a messy-chic updo, injecting texture is‍ guaranteed to make you look on-trend.
  • Balayage: Offering high-fashion vibes, balayageis re-inventing the high-low concept ​with an ombre effect. Go ​low in the ‍back and high in the front for a daringly chic style.
  • Big Looks for Big Occasions: Could your ⁣special occasion use more⁢ glamour? Pump up the volume with a bold new look. Bells ⁤and ⁢whistles like curls, ​waves, and high-shine finishes will turn your look from ⁢subtle to show-stopping.
  • Braid Bar: ⁤The new way to ​add a touch​ of‌ glamour is via statement braids. Go‌ for a cool, whimsical look‍ with⁤ delicate plaits, mermaid-style​ braids, or intricate Dutch ‌styles.
  • Fashion with a Cause: Beauty is powerful and when put to good use can be ‍used to⁣ affect positive change. From brave ⁤hair​ colors to‍ subtle⁣ tints, look to new ⁢ways ​to use your look to support a meaningful cause.

Create a unique ⁢beauty look ​with‍ these⁣ sublime street style​ beauty trends. Showcase your fashion savvy and individual style ⁢in captivating new ⁤ways this ⁣season!

2. Street Style Hair: Break Up Your Norms

When it comes to⁣ street style hair, it’s all‌ about breaking up your norms. Those who wear street style are trendsetters, expressing themselves with their unique hairstyles. Whether you’re an avid fan of street ‌style ‍or you’re just curious, ‌here’s how to switch ​up your look.

  • Play with Color: Go bold and try a bright color like pink or purple. Wearing street style ‍is a great opportunity​ to ‍experiment and bring out your personality.
  • Go for an Updo: Experiment with an updo that combines different‌ hairstyles. Twist, twirl, braid,​ and tease to create a ⁢unique look.
  • Bring Out the Accessories: Don’t be⁢ afraid to use⁤ accessories when styling your street style hair. Use cute⁣ hair‌ clips, headbands, and ⁣hats to add flair.
  • High or ‌Low Bun: Try a high​ topknot or a​ loose bun ⁢to bring your street style ⁢to ‌life. Whether you go high or low, the ‌perfect bun will ‍add texture and dimension ⁣to any look.
  • Space Buns: For an edgy style, part your hair down the middle and ‌create two space buns. This style is perfect for a⁣ night out or just a simple day look.

While playing around ​with⁢ street style hair can be ‍fun, it is important to know which styles will best suit your face shape. There are plenty of haircuts and styles to choose from, so take some time to consider which one you want to try.

Going for a street style ⁤look is all about expressing yourself. Whether you want to‌ try something bold and‍ bright ‌or something understated and ⁢chic, there’s ⁤sure to be a hairstyle that matches your personality. Have some ‍fun and don’t be⁣ afraid to ⁣break up your ​norms.

3. Street Style Makeup: Stand Out⁣ From the Crowd

Struggling to ‌find a ⁤makeup style that stands out among the slew of ​everyday looks? Street style makeup may be the answer. This ⁢high-impact ‍style ‍is sure to get you noticed in any crowd.

Select shades & textures. ⁢ Unique ways of mixing ⁤textures can make all the difference – think a high sheen glossy lip plus metallic eyeshadow, or a matte lip plus marbled highlighter. Be bold in your colour choices; bright oranges, ‍deep teals, and neon pinks are just a few of the shades to try.

Contour and ​highlight your face. Start by⁢ contouring the angles of⁤ your face, such as⁢ your ⁢forehead, cheekbones,⁢ and jawline. Finish with a dome of highlighter on the highest points, like your cheekbones and⁤ the bridge of your nose.

Go all-in ⁣on the lashes. Lengthen them with a pair of wispy ​false⁣ lashes. Makeup feathcers or bold graphic liner will ⁤really make them pop. Finish with ⁤plenty of mascara for even greater impact.

Make a statement⁤ with⁣ brows. Thick, full brows are key⁢ to any street style look. Use a ⁣mix of wax and ⁢powder to create a​ sharp arch,​ and define with a few ⁢individual strokes.

Mix and​ match. Last but not least, the secret ⁤to a standout street style makeup look is to mix‌ and match different ‍features. Try⁤ combining brighter lips with⁣ neutral eyes, or matte skin with⁤ glossy cheeks. The possibilities are ⁤endless!

When it comes to fashion, ‍it can ​be hard to know what looks good and what doesn’t. From runway trends, to those seen on Instagram, to what people are wearing ‌on the streets –‌ the choices are endless. It’s ​no⁢ wonder that‍ street ⁢style trends have become so popular in ‌modern times. Here are four ways you can make modern statements‌ using street style trends.

  • Choose Quality Pieces: Quality pieces are one of the keys to making modern statements. Investing in timeless pieces ​in⁣ classic colors like black, navy, and camel are key. Think cashmere sweaters, ​structured ⁣blazers, leather bags, and timeless denim. Quality items look better when they’ve⁤ been loved and they always ⁢look timeless throughout‍ the years.
  • Layer Up: Layering is a ‌great ⁢way to add interest to an outfit. Even if the base layer is simple,⁣ layering adds texture and complexity. ​Throw a blazer or cardigan over‌ a dress for a polished look. Layering can also help you manage changing weather ⁢conditions. Peacoats, puffy⁤ vests, and leather jackets ⁤all ‍look great with street style.
  • Play With Proportion: Playing‍ with proportions creates⁢ a sense ⁤of style and modernity. For example, pair a cropped ⁣jacket ⁣or oversized ‍sweater with a fitted mini skirt. Long oversized silhouettes always look great⁤ with ankle boots and make a​ statement with tall boots. A maxi skirt​ with a crop top is‌ also a great combination for a street style vibe.
  • Accessorize ⁣Smartly: ⁤ Accessories can make or ‌break an outfit. Think outside of the box when ‍accessorizing. Adding a distinctive hat, a print scarf, or a bold pair of earrings can take an⁤ outfit ⁣to the next level.⁢ A layering ‍necklace and pair of statement earrings can take a simple look from day to night. A great accessory can really elevate ‍a look.

Street ⁤style trends can ⁢help you make modern statements. Choose quality pieces, layer​ up,⁣ play ​with proportion, and accessorize smartly to achieve a modern, stylish look that stands out from the crowd. Combining unexpected pieces and accessories will help you create a‍ unique look that expresses your own personal style.

5.​ Street Style Inspiration: Take Your Look ‍to the Next ​Level

Street‍ style is no longer just for street-style veterans.⁢ Anyone can take their look to the next level‍ with the right pieces.‍ All you need to do is find the pieces that ⁤make you feel your‌ most confident,​ and then‌ have a little fun ‌with the styling. Here are five ‍ways ​to take your street style ⁢up a⁢ notch:

Mix it up

Don’t ⁣limit yourself to one style. Mix high-end fashion with school-girl-chic or vintage rocker‍ with urban edginess.‍ This will ensure that your look‍ stands out from⁤ the crowd. Experiment ​with ⁢different textures and materials as well. Play around with faux fur, leather, sheer fabrics, and more.

Choose the right footwear

Shoes can make or break any street style ‌look, so choose wisely. A pair of colourful sneakers can make your look more contemporary, while a pair of⁣ platform loafers‍ can add a touch of sophistication. Don’t underestimate the power of the perfect heeled boot ‌either.


Accessories are⁣ the perfect way to take a simple ⁤street style look and turn it⁢ into something ⁣special. Choose unusual earrings,‌ a ⁣belt to cinch in your waist, or​ a ⁤hat to complete the look. Have fun with the accessories and mix ‌it up. ⁤For example, pair a⁢ feminine dress⁣ with a ‍statement belt or rock a casual look with a chunky necklace.

Layer your ⁢look

Layering is a ⁣great way to add depth and⁣ interest to your look.⁢ Make sure your outfit still fits ‍and looks ‌good when layered. Contrasting ⁣colours, textures, and patterns⁢ will all boost your street style game, and ⁤don’t forget add a ⁤classic trench coat or oversized scarf ‍for that extra pop.

Experiment with colours

Colour can⁢ be an incredibly powerful ⁢element in street style. Choose unexpected colour combinations – think black and blue, pink and purple, or ‍even​ yellow and green. A ‌vivid ‌colour palette will make your‍ look stand⁢ out, so don’t ⁤be afraid to go bold.

Whether ⁤you’re a street style ‌veteran or just ​getting started, these five tips will take ​your look to the next level. Have fun experimenting and ⁢create ‍a signature style that is unique to you.

Now that you know these beauty trends for street style hair and makeup, you can be sure to look⁣ put-together and up-to-date. Get creative‌ with your style and make sure ​to make a statement. Tag us @streetstylebeauty to show ⁣us how you⁢ match your beauty to ⁤your street style outfits!



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