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Street Style Icons: Capturing Fashion’s It-Girls

From the bright lights of the runway to the dusty sidewalks of our cities, fashion has never been an exclusive realm. Everyone has their own unique style, and some have used the power of social media to become iconic street-style stars—walking, talking billboards for the fashion industry. Be it a multi-million dollar mega-influencer or the everyday person on the street, these It-Girls have fearlessly rocked the latest looks and caught the attention of fashion legends and trendsetters. Let’s explore some of the brightest stars in street style that are inspiring us to take risks and shine.

1. What is Street Style?

Street style is a vibrant expression of individuality and originality. It is a reflection of how people use fashion to express themselves and make a statement.

From oversized coats, chunky sneakers, to curved hats, street style is a unique mixture of self-expression. It is a way for individuals to show the world what appeals to them, with pieces that speak to the culture they come from and embrace.

Unexpected Combinations

Street style is not about following the trends but putting together items and colors in an unorthodox way. It’s daring and unapologetic — a way to stand out while still foregoing comfort in exchange for style. This type of fashion can be quite dizzying for those used to classic combos. Yet, it’s always a great opportunity to push personal boundaries and experiment.


A key element of street style is layering. Once dominated by the leather jacket, thin cardigans, and classic blazers, street style now features bold statements such as layered denim, over-the-shoulder khaki jackets, as well as puffer coats. Such bottom-heavy layering can be challenging to pull off, but done correctly it creates an impressive look.

Logos and Graphic Prints

One of the most popular features of street style is the use of logos. People often don their tees and sweatshirts emblazoned with logos of their favorite brands, whether it’s Gucci, Off-White, Supreme or Nike. Logomania also applies to other areas such as bags and shoes—accessories are a great way to add a touch of personality to an otherwise subtle outfit.

Mix of Culture

Street style is a celebration of various cultures. We can observe a mix of different trends, such as African fabrics and patterns, Southern American and European-influenced styles—all combined to create something unique. Embracing many cultures in fashion is a practice, that goes far beyond making a statement with an outfit.

Whether it’s demonstrating a particular mood, thought or emotion, street style is a way of creating a palpable presence in a crowd. It is neither an invitation to conformity nor an inevitability of fashion trends, but an individualized expression of creativity.

2. Meet the Street Style Icons

Are you ready to ? There’s no doubt they have made a mark on the fashion industry and set trends around the world. Ready to be inspired? Here we go!

1. Marian Kihogo – a true street fashionista, Marian Kihogo has been a front-runner in the street fashion scene since the early 2000s. Her unique style has earned her several accolades as well as admiration from world-renowned fashion designers.

Her style is a mix of vintage boho with a dose of glamour – think faux fur and satin blended in with denim and leather. To top it off, she loves to accessorize with statement pieces. All her looks are dreamy.

2. Sofia Elturk – Sofia has been the queen of street fashion for the past five years. Her trademark looks consist of funky sneakers, playful accessories, and bold colors. Her signature look often consists of denim bombers and leather jackets paired with graphic tees and minimalistic jewelry.

3. Fiza Baloch – Fiza is the go-to source for street style inspirations for all seasons. She loves to mix high street with independent labels to create unique looks. She’s also not afraid to try out vibrant colors and sheer fabrics for those extra special outfits. Pointless to say, Fiza knows how to dance in the rain and keep her style chic.

4. Elijah Ramcharan – Last, but not least, Elijah Ramcharan is a singular style icon specializing in streetwear luxury. He started by reworking vintage pieces and soon became known for his masterful take on street style. Elijah’s favorite items include leather trousers and unisex jeans for an edgy urban look.

From brightly-colored retro sneakers to baggy oversized coats, it’s hard to ignore how street style is playing a larger role in the fashion industry. But what exactly is street style, and how is it impacting the world of fashion today?

What is Street Style?

Street style is a term used to describe fashion that has been popularized by the influence of celebrities, athletes and influencers who are seen in public wearing it. It can range from large oversized t-shirts to slim fit suiting to bright-colored kicks, and is seen both on the street and on social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest. Street style typically involves bold statements, unique patterns and color combinations, and unexpected pairings of brands, silhouettes and materials.

How is Street Style Changing the Fashion Landscape?

Street style is having a major impact on the fashion landscape, and its influence can be seen in a number of ways:

  • It has introduced a new wave of creativity to the fashion industry, inspiring designers to create unique and unexpected looks for their collections.
  • It has opened up opportunities for collaboration between brands and influencers, allowing them to create capsule collections that help to reach a wider audience.
  • It has shifted the focus to smaller, independent brands that are more open to taking risks and pushing boundaries when it comes to design.
  • It has helped to create a space where people of all ages, sizes, genders, and races can express their individual style in a way that is inclusive and accessible.

At the end of the day, street style is helping to create a more diverse and integrated fashion landscape, one that celebrates individuality and the freedom to express one’s unique sense of style.

4. Where to Spot Street Style’s It-Girls

As far as style trends go, there’s no doubt that street style has taken the fashion world by storm. Everywhere around the globe, it-girls are setting their own style agendas and becoming trendsetters. But how do you find them? Here’s where you should be looking to spot street style’s it-girls:

  • Instagram – Instagram is undoubtedly the holy grail of it-girl spotting. From Paris, Milan, Tokyo to London, it-girls around the world share their fashion snippets making it easy to discover new styles and inspiration instantly.
  • Fashion Weeks – Fashion weeks are street style hotspots. All the major fashion hubs across the world host their own fashion weeks and it-girls flock to attend the events. Not only do they flaunt their own style but also get inspired by other fashionistas attending.
  • Cafes – Looking for street style looks in real-life? Hipster cafes are the way to go. Head to a popular cafe in your city, pull out your camera and you’ll be in for a treat. From vintage outfits to athleisure looks, it-girls express their individual style without sparing a thought to it.
  • Bloggers – Social media isn’t the only place you’ll find it-girls. Fashion bloggers are everywhere and they’re making a huge impact on street style. They’re usually the first ones to set a new trend.

Although fashion trends come and go, street style remains a mainstay of the fashion world. And with the likes of Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and more making headlines with their stylish looks, it-girls are an essential go-to source of fashion inspiration. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for an enjoyable afternoon of fashion spotting by exploring these sources.

5. Be a Street Style Star: Tips for Capturing Attention

It’s a brave new world of fashion, and everyone is a star. Street style is all about breaking the rules and creative risk-taking, so stand out in the crowd with these tips for capturing attention.

  • Know Your Strengths: Consider your figure and figure out what looks best on you. Make sure you’re distinguishing yourself from others through items that emphasizes your style.
  • Do Something Unique: Go vintage, go thrifting, go whatever. Be creative and have fun when you’re looking for pieces. Look for something you find interesting, something that no one else would wear.

You can also make it an accessory hunt. Hats, sunglasses, jewelry, and scarves among many other accents will give a steal deal of life and pizzaz to your outfit. When you’re trying to stand out in the crowd, accessories are key. Jewelry and decoration can help you become that street style star.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment: Break expectations of fashion and let your style flow naturally. Heels can easily become sneakers and a dress easily can turn into a skirt material used for shorts. Whatever combination you’re thinking of, try it out!

Also, experiment with colors. That doesn’t mean you have to dress in all rainbow colors. You can experiment with color palettes too, whether it be the pastels, neons, or even the monochrome look.

At the end of the day, don’t take fashion too seriously—have fun and be free! You never know where your creative mind can take you!

The street style scene is a continuously evolving force in fashion, and the influence of street style icons ensures its longevity and growth. This cast of stylish It-Girls demonstrate how a single outfit can redefine fashion boundaries, layering trends, personalities, and influences to create a truly iconic look. From Kate Moss to Bella Hadid, these street style icons have captured the eye of the nation and the world, making each new look a statement for the industry.



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